Thursday, 21 February 2008

Nothing new..

I am still sorry.. nothing has happened yet. Nothing exciting to write about at least. But I feel she is gradually, very slowly accepting my wish for her to bonk someone else. And she also teases me, by telling me about some nice and sexy guys at work. But I think one of my friends is her favorite.

The other day she came up from her evening shower dressed in her gown. Opened it up, turned around and sat down on my lap. She leaned back, touched her pussy and asked me what J would have said if he had seen us now. She continued to flick her clit as she talked about how he would take out his cock, slowly stroke it as he watched. She fantasized liked that for a while until she got so horny that she asked me to fuck her. We went over to couch where she sat down. I knelt down on the floor in front of her. My cock was positioned at the right hight and angel. She was soaking wet as I slid into her. I fucked her like this as she continued to flick her clit, and quite quickly she started moaning louder than she normally does. She came as I told her about how my friend would shoot all his hot cum deep inside her while she wrapped her legs around him, feeling his body. She loves that picture. And so do I.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Long time, no....

I am sorry about the silence, but there has not been much to report I am afraid. There has been some illness in the family, causing my wife to be away for some time. I speak frequently with her on the internet and also through sms. Last days since she left I have been very horny. I know there are some old friends of her around who she is going to meet. And I know some of them got the chance to stretch my wife's pussy earlier. I told her before she left that I wouldnt mind if she gave her self permission to spread her legs for one of them, but I am not quite sure she believes me. lol.

And that is the main obstacle I feel. She is not willing to let go. She really does not believe I am OK with it. But I am. I think. I am! I have been trying to imagine how I would really feel seeing her sexy little body underneath another man. His hard cock banging in to her. She digging her heels in to his butt. Screaming with pleasure.... And the only feeling I get is excitement. Not jealousy. I get a very big hard-on and want her so. Because I am safe with our love. That is why. I dont feel this other guy as a threat to our relationship, but rather someone who is causing pleasure to my wife. And me.

I feel totally different about it when it comes to her seeing other men without me knowing about it or getting emotionally involved. Then I feel the jealousy creeping in. I need it to be totally out in the open and for pure physical satisfaction only. What would be a real downer is if she bonked another guy because I dared her to, and then failed to tell me about it because she thought I would get hurt. Oh no! lol.

I just thought of something she told me before she left. Just before we met, she had once gotten an offer of bonking one of her friends husbands. She was told by her friend that her husband fancied her and the wife would not mind him fucking her. She was totally surprised by this, and didnt answer either yes or no. As the weeks went by she fantasized more and more about the husband who was very good looking and a nice person. And she said she would had done it if she hadn't met me. Oh if only I met her some years before, I would have let her. lol. Unfortunately they have got jobs abroad now or else we would have gotten in touch. My wife admits that thinking about him still makes her very wet and we have fantasized about him banging her the last times we made love. And that turns her on. And me.

I really hope the first couple of times I will be there to watch. That is half the fun I imagine. Be there and share the moment with her. Even if I get a big hard on now thinking of her slowly sucking one of her old lovers, making him cum all over her small breasts with the big hard nipples. I really hope she does it. And enjoys it. And tells me!

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Slowly, slowly..

Last night a friend of mine came over. And we made it clear to him, that we wanted him to spend the night. We had a very nice evening talking and drinking and my wife was surprisingly frank and naughty. And I loved that. My friend who is an open and direct guy also appreciated that and answered back in the same frank manner. Unfortunately we had a really good time.

Unfortunately, because my wife later told me, that if we hadn't been sitting up talking until early morning, and being half drunk and really tired, we might have missed some naughty action... Hearing that coming from my wife gave me an instant hard-on, and huge hopes for the future.. As you probably understand by now, nothing happened this time either, even if he slept next room. But as soon as he was out of the house next day, my wife pulled me into the bedroom, clearly horny. And who was I too refuse her. Normally it is me who does the talking while we make love. Telling her things I know turn her on. Telling her how I imagine how our friend stands in the door watching us. Pulling out his cock and stroking himself slowly. That turns her on. Later he comes over to the bed and lies down next to her and she can feel his body against her. His hard cock against her butt...

But this time, she did the talking. Talking about how she would have wanted him to lie next to her. Talking about how she would like to play with his thick cock. All the time she was doing the talking, I sucked her nipples and flicked her clit. And when she imagined our friend pressing his swollen head inside her she came very forcefully. She then pushed me over on the back and rolled on to be and asked me to fuck her. She was so wet and my cock slid in to her pussy without meeting any resistance. But as soon as I started fucking her she started tightening her muscles inside her pussy, massaging my head. Still imagining how my friend entered her, I came deep deep inside her, lifting her up..

I feel she is getting there... slowly, slowly and as we talked about my friend's visit today, I clearly felt that she was not a total stranger to get naked and naughty with him. I am still hoping.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

My friend, the big one...

Tonight we are going out to meet a friend of mine that is visiting from out of town. He stays at a hotel downtown, and we will meet him for some drinks. He is very nice bloke and I am quite sure my wife will like him.

Apart from being nice, he is also very well-endowed. Very, very well. I would loved to see him press his massive cock into my wife's little tight pussy. He wouldn't be able to put half his cock in.. Oh he is big.

I am really horny now, and hope that the evening might lead to something, but I am not optimistic. My wife gets running wet when I tell her how he will fuck her, but I dont think she is ready yet. I will however see if I can get her to wear her love-balls. They will keep her wet and ready and I hope it will also make her horny and a bit more daring..

I know I will bonk her silly when we get back home...

Wish me luck, but I dont expect her to make her cuckoldress debut tonight, so I don't have any expectations.

I haven't talked to Buttman yet, but I will and hope that it will lead to something. I feel like I am bursting and would loved to see her enjoy another man. Soon I hope.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

My friend, the buttman...

My friend S called me the other day. His wife had to go away for a couple of days, and he was getting very horny. I had earlier told him that if we both were lucky my wife would maybe watch us as we rubbed our cocks. And I know he fancied my wife after seeing her naked butt after a party. He didn't say it straight out, but I notice some subtle hints about him getting someone to look after kids and come over. Unfortunately we had other plans. I got an immediate hard-on and told my wife about the call. She laughed and called my friend and me "two naughty boys".

It is hard to figure out what she really really wants. I know she gets soaking wet when we make love and I tell her about what S would do to her if got a chance. But still I am not really convinced she would go all the way. I read somewhere in one of the many excellent blogs about this subject that if you first get into the lifestyle, you would love to do many of the things you earlier thought you would never do.

But I have a cunning plan - lol- I have told my friend earlier that I would love for us to have same room sex with our partners. He liked the idea, however he thought that his wife would never agree. And he didn't even know if dared suggesting it. And he hasn't still. What I haven't told him though, is my desire to watch my wife being fucked long, good and senselessly by another man. My plan is then to tell him that, and give him hints that I wouldn't mind watching him cum all over my wife's sexy butt. How I will hint THAT is something I will have to think about. lol. That is part I of my plan. Plan II will be to tell my wife that I told my friend that ... you know. I think, she will react a bit shocked, at least pretend to be. But I also hope I sparked something, by letting her know that my friend knows that I want him to bonk her. And they both will know.

This is all I have time for know, but will elaborate more as soon as I get the chance.

I will see I can take a picture of her today..

Making her cum

My wife has this colleague at work who she is quite sure is very interested in bonking her. He is a frequent visitor to her office and always want a hug and a kiss when he sees her. My wife is still quite sure that she will not bonk another man, but after I told her that I want her to, and that I am comfortable with the idea I have this hope that things will be moving. Earlier this week she surprised me with an SMS during working hours saying.."It is you I love and only you
. so when I am with him this afternoon it is only physical. only for pleasure. no heart involved. Because it is you I love honey. only you"
I remember I had mixture of feelings and thoughts. One was: Is she really? And then a big smile. Yes! Another one was: With who? When? She is joking.. But can I be sure.. I don't remember being jealous, just that I got an instant big erection. I sent her message back asking if it was her friend at office and told her I wanted all the details. She said it was the pastor lol who I know she thinks is sexy. Lol. Then I understood it was a joke.
I read at the excellent HotwifeBlog that even if your wife was reluctant to start with, she might feel freer and less sexually confined and think different about these things if you tell her that you want her to feel free to have an affair. I sincerly hope that it is the start of something.

But I hope I will be there to watch. Be there when she cums.. Oh would love that. She doesn't cum easily and had only cum once with a man before she met me. He had been sitting in a chair and she had been riding him until she got this very powerful vaginal orgasm. She gets them with me as well, but only when I am sitting up and she is riding me. Most of the times she cums either when I play with her clit or she plays with herself as I bonk her. We sometimes get these very strong orgasms when I hold back and just wait for her to explode. Then I cum as well. She is so tight and good and squeezes my cock hard with her pussy when she cums.

Oh but would really love to be there when she fucks another man. My friend who saw my wife's butt, wants her, but is married. But I still have a hope that when the opportunity is there we will at least use the situation to be naughty. I would loved having my spread her legs for us and touch herself. We could sit and watch and stroke ourselves and when she was about to cum, we could walk over to her and let her finish us off. She always cums when we fantasize while bonking and I tell her about someone coming close to her and she strokes his cock. That really gets her going.. Oh I will try to challenge her a bit these evening and see if we can move on a bit. Get her closer to open her legs for someone she fancies. It is important that she does it because she wants it as well. That she really wants to fuck someone else. I hope she will soon.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Last night..

Wife had been tracking down old boyfriend on the internet. In fact first boyfriend. The guy who first had the pleasure of tasting my sexy wife's tight pussy. A long time ago. I don't mind, she has told me about it before, not in details but in general terms and I also knew that they had been keeping in touch on and off since then. We talked about it during the day lightheartedly. And I had to admit it aroused me a bit to think of this guy banging my wife. I would want her to give me all the details, but she is bit reluctant. She claims that she is still not comfortable and happy with some of the encounters. And I have to respect that, but sometimes I wonder whether that is the closest I will come having my wife bang someone else. Vague, old and reluctant memories. I hope not.

Later that evening my wife called me from the shower and when I saw her naughty smile I knew I was going to be made happy. Maybe talking about her first lover made her horny, but it didnt take her more than 10 seconds to close her lips over my head. Oh it was delicious. She held the showerhead in one hand and my cock in the other. As she massaged my balls with water, she let my cock glide in and out of her warm mouth. Oh I thought I would be coming immediately. But she let me rest a while before she started all over again, this time using her tongue around the head.. oh yes.. I was able to withstand this treatment for 10 more minutes, but then she felt I was about to cum.. she knelt down in front of me and wanted me to cum over her boobies and tummy.. I rubbed my cock as hard and fast as I could until I came in big streams over her chest...
I can live with talking about old encounters as long as they end like this..