Thursday, 21 February 2008

Nothing new..

I am still sorry.. nothing has happened yet. Nothing exciting to write about at least. But I feel she is gradually, very slowly accepting my wish for her to bonk someone else. And she also teases me, by telling me about some nice and sexy guys at work. But I think one of my friends is her favorite.

The other day she came up from her evening shower dressed in her gown. Opened it up, turned around and sat down on my lap. She leaned back, touched her pussy and asked me what J would have said if he had seen us now. She continued to flick her clit as she talked about how he would take out his cock, slowly stroke it as he watched. She fantasized liked that for a while until she got so horny that she asked me to fuck her. We went over to couch where she sat down. I knelt down on the floor in front of her. My cock was positioned at the right hight and angel. She was soaking wet as I slid into her. I fucked her like this as she continued to flick her clit, and quite quickly she started moaning louder than she normally does. She came as I told her about how my friend would shoot all his hot cum deep inside her while she wrapped her legs around him, feeling his body. She loves that picture. And so do I.

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